Winners are Grinners!


Married mum of two daughters, Jenni Rubery has decided to dip her toes into the world of racehorse ownership. Jenni tells her story from the female perspective of being a beginner female owner. From learning about racing terms, betting slips, form guides to fascinators and being part of “Own the Dream”. 

Wow, who would of thought that when I started this Blog that I would be part of an ownership group with a horse that has had 6 starts for 3 wins and 2 places.  Queen Brown aka J-Lo, you are a superstar.

I can’t even explain how great it feels to win! The first time I was trackside and she won, I was on the verge of tears…. And on the flipside I also can’t explain how nerve racking it is before the race.  All I can say is I feel sick, fidgety and jibber on like I’m about to hit the track and run along with them.

After the race, it’s easy to pick a winning owner, they would be the one with the stupid grin, permanently etched on their face, and I’m sure that is how the expression ‘winners are grinners’ came to be.

Customer Racing Information Service RWWA provides such a fantastic coverage of each race, especially the format of the Post Race Interviews which links to You Tube.  You get to watch the race 10 times (lol) and also hear the comments of trainer and jockey, post race.

Just an observation on my short journey, there so much ‘thoroughbred racing’ speak to learn, it can be a bit mystifying… Like what is “strip fitter”? fitter for running down the track? And if someone says ‘the leaders are well and truly “off their feet” is that a good thing? Or is it like being ‘off their food”?   There are many great websites for horse racing terminology and lingo but I can’t find two and lets not get into ‘class of races’ and ratings –  that’s another few study lessons.

Another mystifying question and one of greatest importance –  why can’t I ever win the Quaddie?   😊.

Also in the world of horses, a fun fact, every horse in the southern hemisphere celebrates its birthday on August 1, (regardless of when it was actually born) unless you’re a horse in the northern hemisphere, then it’s not your birthday until January 1 – things that make you go “Ummm” (Happy birthday to Queen B, Main Engine (trialling) and our Grey Colt, who is now with Morton Racing, learning the ropes (

I am looking forward to the 2020 Ascot Racing Carnival beginning with Crown Perth Opening Day on 10 October  The calendar of events is up on the website and it looks like its going to be an awesome summer.





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