Ernie Manning’s Pinjarra Selections


Thursday 25th June 2020

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: EXPRESSIONIST, The Anvil, Unibelle, Rubychino.

RACE 2: SECRET STATUE, Do Your Best, Cool Dude Oscar, Willow Princess.

RACE 3: GIANT LEAP, Beat The Bro, Wise Cracker, Magnuson Man.

RACE 4: MISS MARGAUX, Poverty Point, Under The Archers, Al Mahalo.

RACE 5: ICARIAN, Richardson, The Huntsmen, Obstination.

RACE 6: INDIGO WILD, Montagna, Foo Trouble, Black Comet.

RACE 7: BIG MAN IN THE SKY, Significant Hero, Seminole Brave, Luke’s Choice.

RACE 8: CONQUERED ZONE, Gifted Warrior, Jag The Joker, Sentimental Friend.

RACE 9: QUEEN TAKES KING, Miss Malibu, Victoriouschino, Heaven’s Gift.

RACE 10: UNCLE DICK, Burning Magic, Perceptive Miss, Inflation.

BEST BET: Uncle Dick.

DOUBLE: Giant Leap.




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