Ernie Manning’s Pinjarra Harness Selections


Monday 21st January 2019

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: MANIFESTLY EXCESIV, Some Copper Beach, Sukhovey Windman, Appealing Star.

RACE 2: GALANTE, Eloquent Mach, Bitcoin, Better Be Oscar.

RACE 3: JOHNNY’S GRANGE, Ripples Of Fear, Spangled Fella, Dwayne.

RACE 4: KATA NOI BEACH, Marilyn Said, Bettor Captured, Motor On Jessie.

RACE 5: SHADOW MAKER, Whos Your Buddy, Miss Tivoli, Vincenzo Peruggia.

RACE 6: THE LIGHTNING STRIKE, Rockaball, Talkerup, Theo Aviator.

RACE 7: DREAMY NIGHTS, Four Starzzz Forsa, Thisbeachrighthere, Come Dance With Me.

RACE 8: SUNOFLINDENNY, Ton Tine, Aldebaran Eastwood, Lifes Delight.

RACE 9: ATMOSPHERICAL, Rocknroll Beachboy, Trust My Judgement, Donegal Chokin.

BEST BET: Shadow Maker.

DOUBLE: Galante.




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