Ernie Manning’s Pinjarra Harness Selections


Monday 20th June 2022

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: ISSUES, Elliegozoom, Bushbelle, Cherry On The Cake.

RACE 2: ILLEGAL ACT, Navy Street, Trunkey Carrawa, Peter Romeo.

RACE 3: GOODFELLAZ, Cyclone Charlotte, Speedwagon, Elli Mirando.

RACE 4: MISS BOUDICA, Spy Major, Gregarmy, Joey James.

RACE 5: ARMAROCKSTAR, The Amber Hare, Zalias Champion, Westernhouse.

RACE 6: MIGHT AS WELL, Seven No Trumps, Wait For The Bell, Burghley Shard.

RACE 7: LUCKY GALLEON, Hoppys Way, Rockstar Rebel, Altas Angel.

RACE 8: CROWD CONTROL, Indomitable Symbol, Ima Aussie Artist, Reddy To Fly.

RACE 9: BEEFOUR BACARDI, Son Of A Whiz, Aldebaran Sundown, Tears Of Joy.

BEST BET: Armarockstar.

DOUBLE: Illegal Act.




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