Ernie Manning’s Pinjarra Harness Selections


Monday 11th June 2018

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: DRACARYS, Lady Valasca, Bettor Pack It, Sheza Spoilt Miss.

RACE 2: ROBSHAW, Rock Me Over, Kurai Kage, Allwood Peacemaker.

RACE 3: ARMA RICH GIRL, Blackjack Anna, Thewizard, Flynscotsman.

RACE 4: PUREST SILK, Always A Dreamer, Princess Major, Cimorene.

RACE 5: BETTOR AIM, Feels Like Flying, Art Tutor, Sir Nicholas.

RACE 6: LIFES DELIGHT, Fira Sunset, Four No Trumps, Glintintheeye.

RACE 7: DIOR MIA MORE, Alta Intrigue, Diamond Life, Livin La Bamba.

RACE 8: LADY DE LA RENTA, Ace Bromac, Dominate The Dojo, The Storm Chief.

BEST BET: Bettor Aim.

DOUBLE: Purest Silk.




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