Ernie Manning’s Pinjarra Harness Selections


Monday 1st July 2019

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: PAPA RAZZI, Chumani, Line The Starzzz, Weshouldbesolucky.

RACE 2: TENNO SHO, Mortician, Reminder Call, Taimate.

RACE 3: RIGHT ROYAL CHEER, Arma Veyron, Emira Christiano, Caruba.

RACE 4: MILWOOD POLY, Jovovich, Blushing Mel, Giveusthespoils.

RACE 5: AMERICAN COLT, Pocket The Cash, Soho Picasso, Miss Eerie.

RACE 6: JUST AMERICAN, Iam The Real Thing, Cheer The Major, Johnnys Grange.

RACE 7: ITS ROCKANDROLL, Frosty Arm Chair, Chief Joseph, The Kraken.

RACE 8: THE LIGHTNING STRIKE, Our Corelli, Talkerup, Jailbreak.

RACE 9: BETTOR B READY, Starlight Destiny, Maras Ace Man, Flynscotsman.

RACE 10: LINCS TIGER, Roman Aviator, Zozo Ma Gogo, The Dali Express.

BEST BET: American Colt.

DOUBLE: Its Rockandroll.




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