Ernie Manning’s Northam Selections


Thursday 6th December 2018

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: VITAL BLAST, Smart Fox, Bee Quick, Planet Fever.

RACE 2: WIENER WALTZ, Point Taken, She’s Got Merit, Admiration Street.

RACE 3: NOT TO BE MIST, In The Mosh Pit, Luke’s Choice, Blackhill Express.

RACE 4: BLACK ATTACK. Plead The Fifth, Press The Petal, Ashalily.

RACE 5: ATOMIZE, Al Capitano, Highest Regard, Flirty Friars.

RACE 6: SLICED BREAD, Stratocreed, Invisible Pro, Bartrader.

RACE 7: ARNIE’S BOY, Golden Bonnet, Prozone, Majora’s Mask.

BEST BET: Black Attack.

DOUBLE: Arnie’s Boy.




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