Ernie Manning’s Northam Harness Selections


Saturday 31st August 2019

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: EL SHUEY, Sports Central, Well And Truly, For Honourandglory.

RACE 2: YO TE AMO HAITCH, Independence Rose, Pee Wee Elliott, Arma Veyron.

RACE 3: RAGING ROMEO, Salome Miss, Liaurie, Enemy Lines.

RACE 4: WILKINS MEDINAHALL, Blushing Mel, Batavia Blackhole, Allwood Peacemaker.

RACE 5: ESTOCADA, Affluent Bell, Village Benny, Heez A Masterpiece.

RACE 6: TUBBS FARQUHAR, Allwoods Rocknroll, Aliman, Change Of Address.

RACE 7: FORTUNATE ADDA,  Iam Lambros, Cavalry Call, Call Me Ernie.

RACE 8: MAKEUSPROUDGEORGE, Sono Abruzzese, Chetak, Batavia Playboy.

BEST BET: Makeusproudgeorge.

DOUBLE: Tubbs Farquhar.




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