Ernie Manning’s Northam Harness Selections


Saturday 15th August 2020

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: AWAITINGINSTRUCTIONS, Motor On Jessie, Rockstar Diva, Brewery Lane.

RACE 2: BEEJAYS STAR, Nanci Rose, Miss Serena, Hesacharmer.

RACE 3: HOWARD HUGHES, Flying Mister Ideal, Camilla, Hilo Angus.

RACE 4: HILO TYSON, Innocent Oscar, Mister Riggers, Isaidboo.

RACE 5: POWER AND GRACE, Rakasinc, Batavia Blackhole, The Righteous.

RACE 6: JB MAUNEY, Caveman, Over Armed, Manofthepeople.

RACE 7: FLYNSCOTSMAN, Girlfromdandalup, Mr Henry, Sports Central.

RACE 8: HIDDEN FIGURE, Stellar Bella, Elleker Hanover, Nightwatch Star.

RACE 9: ABOUT GEM, Out Of Rhythm, Sanford Loretta, Im Freyja.

BEST BET: Beejays Star.

DOUBLE: Power And Grace.




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