Ernie Manning’s Northam Harness Selections


Friday 12th June 2020

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: KAMENDABLE FEELING, Ark Of Rock, Ourcaribbeancruise, Seven Million More.

RACE 2: MAKE IT HAPPEN, Magic Matteo, Im Riddler, Nightwatch Star.

RACE 3: ROLLSOFFTHETONGUE, Sammy Strikes, Ohoka Chief, Fortunate Adda.

RACE 4: ALLTHEWAYTOROYALTY, Rum Delight, Over Armed, Toto Piucasso.

RACE 5: THE LAST PARISIAN, Al Guerrero, Impressive Signs, Kennys Revenge.

RACE 6: IRON MACH, Seger, Glens Of Tekoa, Well Advanced.

RACE 7: HIDDEN FIGURE, Nanci Rose, Brook Parks Last, Elleker Hanover.

BEST BET: Make It Happen.

DOUBLE: Allthewaytoroyalty




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