Ernie Manning’s Narrogin Harness Selections


Saturday November 10 2018

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: THE LIGHTNING STRIKE, Roman Reign, Jiving Jolt, Tranquil Charlie.

RACE 2: DELIGHTFUL MANDY, Ideal Charm, Selenes Silhouette, Adda Rockinheaven.

RACE 3: SANGUE REALE, Bitcoin, Starlight Destiny, Ourboybart.

RACE 4: KAYDEE STRATTON, Icomeoffsecondbest, Soho Mercur, Hawkeye Bromac.

RACE 5: SEMIRAMIDE,  Dancing With Mach, Kitura, Hoiho.

RACE 6: BELTANE, Come Dance With Me, Black Jack Zac, Western Drover.

RACE 7: KASEY JOHN, Spock The Spaceman, Our Bobbydazzler, Highview Sadler.

RACE 8: ARIE, Decimas Whitby, Jackygee, Cheeseacracker.

BEST BET: Another Mouse. DOUBLE: Beltane.




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