Ernie Manning’s Narrogin Harness Selections


Tuesday 9th July 2019

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: HEEZ OUR PERSEUS, Elsu You, Ezy Rider, Gearsinawhirl.

RACE 2: DELIGHTFUL SHADOW, Zara Whitby, Tiz Art, Major Survivor.

RACE 3: BITCOIN, Prince Of Smiles, Wattabut Rioli, Falling Starzzz.

RACE 4: MARAS ACE MAN, Son Of A Tiger, Dennis, Carter Micheal.

RACE 5: BETTOR BE OSCAR, While They Pray, Alta Rhett, All The Bells.

RACE 6: WALSH, The Lightning Strike, Twilight Saga, Seven Demerits.

RACE 7: AMERICAN DELIGHT, Live Like A Royal, Millwood Gucci, Fortunate Adda.

RACE 8: BATAVIA SHUFFLE, Gotta Keep Jetting, Lika Missile, Major Michael.

BEST BET: American Delight.

DOUBLE: Bettor Be Oscar.




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