Ernie Manning’s Narrogin Harness Selections


Friday 4th December 2020

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: MEGA MACH, Shakira Blue, Join The Stars, Cluster Star.

RACE 2: SWANBOURNE SPUNK, Westernhouse, Foveaux Major, Emira Christiano.

RACE 3: ENEMY LINES, Hilo Tyson, Dibaba, Phi Phi Island.

RACE 4: JP GOT FAITH, The Batmobile, Sipponjack, Girlfromdandalup.

RACE 5: THE WHITE RABBIT, Mondooley Mach, Master Leighton, Adda Pocket Rinse.

RACE 6: SAVVY BROMAC, Lika Missile, Ocean Beach, Camilla.

RACE 7: IM FREYJA, Royal Hotshot, Major Dazzler, Lovemelovemenot.

RACE 8: MATAI REACTOR, Hold Em Up, Galactic Lioness, Adda Navajos Gift.

BEST BET: Savvy Bromac.

DOUBLE: JP Got Faith.




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