Ernie Manning’s Kellerberrin Harness Selections


Sunday 15th April 2018

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: KAMENDABLE MAKO, Mach Diva, Maksim Blaze, Change Doon Now.

RACE 2: CTHEBALLERINA, Just A Legend, Soho Cash, Four Starzzz Looks.

RACE 3: RETORT, My Amelia, Manofthepeople, Adda Shooting Star.

RACE 4: KRISTIAN ROBERT, Spendthelot, Kamendable Lass, Rock The Joint.

RACE 5: LIFE TO THE MAX, Soho Reaper, Rebel With A Cause, Mondelay Mach.

RACE 6: LIBERTE, Our Jeremes Gem, Betshes Precious, Ella Gant Player.

RACE 7: MISTER TOM DOOLEY, Danieljohn, Springsteen, Tactile Sensation.

RACE 8: KENNYS REVENGE, Loaded Aussie. Black Mr Mach, Vertical Four.

RACE 9: COOL SASSI, Times Of Glory, Clear Image, Who Thru Teddy.

RACE 10: UNIVERSAL MAJOR, Emjay Twenty Three, Toto Picasso, Susational Babe.

BEST BET: Kennys Revenge.

DOUBLE: Liberte.




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