Ernie Manning’s Kalgoorlie Selections


Thursday 1st October 2020

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: GOODBYEFEDS, Hinchinmose, Playing For Keeps, Ultimate Desire.

RACE 2: TRUE ORA, Aurae, Dantorio, Proceeds Of Crime.

RACE 3: STAADEN, Magic Will Reign, Black Comet, City Star.

RACE 4: BADGE OF COURAGE, Get Over It, Wocknwoll, Hayan Lad.

RACE 5: ZIEBELL, Devine Beast, Herron Sand, Dance Cockey.

RACE 6: LEADING MAN, Tramika, Nord Avenir, Miss Abby.

RACE 7: MONEY MATTERS, Magniforce, Pym’s Royale, Western Temple.

RACE 8: GREAT CHARADE, Pure Magnus, Absolute, Bumper Humper.

BEST BET: Ziebell. DOUBLE: Great Charade.




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