Ernie Manning’s Kalgoorlie Selections


Saturday 14th April 2018

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: WITCHY WAYS, Universal Halo, All Square, Oradale’s Image.

RACE 2: TRANSITIONAL, Armourer, Slurpin’ Turpin, He’s A Royal.

RACE 3: TOO CLEVER, Sirius Prospect, Bos Taurus, Foxy Royale.

RACE 4: HAPPY HARRY, Rikkki Tikki Tavi, High Limit, The Cruel Sea.

RACE 5: WHERE’S WALLY, Song Of War, Yeah Yeah Yeah, Attamor.

RACE 6: LIQUID MAN, Release The Sax, He Said She Said, Miss Merit.

RACE 7: MERVYN, Ferg’s Gallop, MacQuidez, Tip And Run.

BEST BET: Where’s Wally.

DOUBLE: Liquid Man




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