Ernie Manning’s Kalgoorlie Selections


Sunday 8th July 2018

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: SENORITA BONITA, Swift Sis, Tirreno, Bos Taurus.

RACE 2: NOIR DE RUE, Western Star, Urquell, Monkey Bar.

RACE 3: PREMIO MOMENTO, Blue Horse, Like Him A Bit, Gluten Free.

RACE 4: BEVEL, Outer Detention, Aluminize, For The Fallen.

RACE 5: BADGE OF COURAGE, Take The Stand, Palma Merenti, Little Hercules.

RACE 6: ANOTHER DEMON, Mybak, Wine Thief, Indriel.

RACE 7: MAJOR MAMBO, Medici Vase, Rare Selection, Bjorn To Love.

BEST BET: Noir De Rue.

DOUBLE: Bevel.




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