Ernie Manning’s Gloucester Park Selections


Tuesday 16th November 2021

Ernie Manning selects:

Ernie Manning selects

RACE 1: MISS SERENADE, Unconditional, Lady Jadore, Kitty Go Round.

RACE 2: DOCTOR STEVE, Keegan Banner, Stars N Bars, Our Shelley Beach.

RACE 3: CARUBA, Miracle Max, Im Spiderman, Live Life Fast.

RACE 4: GIVE US A WAVE, Mister Ardee, American Bullitt, Bettor My Dreamz.

RACE 5: BEAT CITY, The White Rabbit, Alta Rhett, Weewah.

RACE 6: STAMFORD, Booraa, Markham Eyre, Talks Up A Storm.

RACE 7: ROBBIE ROCKET, Three Rumours, Rock On The Beach, Kissed By A Rose.

RACE 8: BELLEZZA NERA, The Darling, Eye Better, El Paso De Marko.

RACE 9: FIVE BANGLES, The Hope Diamond, See The World, Dazzling Jewel.

BEST BET: Stamford. DOUBLE: Miss Serenade.




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