Ernie Manning’s Gloucester Park Selections


Friday October 5 2018

Ernie Manning selects

RACE 1: MADAME MEILLAND, Sunrose Village, Extreme Prince, Cracka Star.

RACE 2: OVERBOARD AGAIN, Kerrin Joseph, Mister Versace, Arthur Lowe.

RACE 3: KING OF SWING, Benhope Rulz, Rock Me Over, Ultimate Major.

RACE 4: DESTINED TO RULE, Driven, Bettor Not Bitter, Charlie El.

RACE 5: SPEED MAN, Sightseeing Anvil, Forever Remembered, Iceenothink.

RACE 6: CHICAGO BULL, Runrunjimmydunn, Talktomeurmattjesty, The Bucket List.

RACE 7: AMELIAS COURAGE, Innocent Affair, Soho Changeling, Sea Me Smile.

RACE 8: ACE BROMAC, Twentynine Twelve, Suspicious Life, It Aint Royal.

RACE 9:  ATCHOO, Tajies Girl, Kissmecougar, Shes Turbo Charged.

RACE 10: LOT TWENTY ONE, Hes Royal Blue, Ark, Dagati Image.

BEST BET: King Of Swing. DOUBLE: Speed Man.




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