Ernie Manning’s Gloucester Park Selections


Friday November 30 2018

Ernie Manning selects

RACE 1: DAVINCI DIAMOND, Scotlynn Beach, Destined To Rule, Estocada.

RACE 2: KIMANI, Royal Mach, Danieljohn, Soho Wonder.

RACE 3: WALKINSHAW, Lets Cut Loose, Itz Bettor To Win, Neighlor.

RACE 4: OUR MAX PHACTOR, Carter Micheal, Thereugo, Ohoka Darcey.

RACE 5: MACZAFFAIR, Infinite Symbol, Pick My Pocket, Gotta Go Gabbana.

RACE 6: ANA MALAK, Jack Mac, Ideal Liner, Stefs Best.

RACE 7: THE ART FORM, Fizzing, Dame Puissant, McArdles Gem.

RACE 8: BRIGHT DIAMOND, El Comacho, Marquisard, Lot Twenty One.

RACE 9: MITCH MAGUIRE, As Happy As Larry, Costa Del Magnifico, Cracka Srar.

RACE 10: LINCS TIGER, Luis Alberto, Beltane, All The Whispers.

BEST BET: Mitch Maguire. DOUBLE: The Art Form.




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