Ernie Manning’s Gloucester Park Selections


Friday December 28 2018

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: BENHOPE RULZ, Bright Diamond, Scotlynn Beach, Bettor Vision.

RACE 2: LORD WILLOUGHBY, Walkinshaw, Fizzing, The Art Form.

RACE 3: SAYING GRACE, El Jacko, Maczaffair, Itz Bettor To Win.

RACE 4: OUR ANGEL OF HARLEM, Our Major Mama, Innocent Affair, Infinite Symbol.

RACE 5: MY FIELD MARSHAL, Mr Mojito, Our Max Phactor, Rocknroll Lincoln.

RACE 6: CARTER MICHEAL, Bettor Not Bitter, Lets Cut Loose, Ohoka Darcy.

RACE 7: GOLDEN STATE, The Arsonist, Lot Twenty One, Sergeant Oats.

RACE 8: STEFSBEST, Dominate The Dojo, Luis Alberto, Absolution.

RACE 9: LADY DE LA RENTA, Im Stylish, Dame Puissant, Mon Lillies.

RACE 10: FRANCO EDWARD, Patrickthepirahna, Its Rock And Roll, Shockwave.

BEST BET: Saying Grace. DOUBLE: Golden State.




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