Ernie Manning’s Gloucester Park Selections


Friday 11th September 2020

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: UNDERCOVER MAC, Rakasinc, Blissfullabbey, Starlight Destiny.

RACE 2: ELOQUENT MACH, Maras Ace Man, Captain Kirk, Jack William.

RACE 3: SIR GALAHAD, Jimmy Mack, Im Rocknroll Magic, Extreme Prince.

RACE 4: MY CARBON COPY, Patrickhepiranha, Gee Jay Kay, Tyler Brett.

RACE 5: CHICAGO BULL, Shockwave, Galactic Star, As Happy As Larry.

RACE 6: THE BUCKEYE BULLET, Quick Stride, Captain Mannering, Bettorstartdreaming.

RACE 7: PIERRE WHITBY, Braeview Bondi, Tuas Delight, Qtown Rip Roaring.

RACE 8: WILDWEST, Kiwi Bloke, Forgotten Highway, Where Ya Bin.

RACE 9: OUR ALFIE ROMEO, Typhoon Tiff, Has No Fear, Donegel Art Chokin.

RACE 10: INTHESKYROCKET, Miss Eerie, Soho Party Girl, Remit Me Whitby.

BEST BET: The Buckeye Bullet. DOUBLE: My Carbon Copy.




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