Ernie Manning’s Gloucester Park Selections


Frday 4 September  2020

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: BLISSFULLABBEY, Weewah, Just Makemine Diamonds, Bettorgrinanbarit.

RACE 2: MISTER BUSHIDO, Delightfulreaction, Stop The Watch, Pierre Whitby.

RACE 3: ALTA RHETT, Robbie Easton, Bettortartdreaming, Baylan Jett.

RACE 4: JUSTASEC, My Carbon Copy, Gee Jay Kay, Queen Shenandoah.

RACE 5: WILDWEST, Galactic Star, Ideal Liner, Bettor Party.

RACE 6: HOWARD HUGHES, Undercover Mac, Diamond Life, The Last Drop.

RACE 7: OUR ALFIE ROMEO, Space Junk, Carter Micheal, Burning Rubber.

RACE 8: CAPTAIN MANNERING, Extreme Prince, Tuas Delight, Qtown Town Rip Roaring.

RACE 9: IN THE VALLEY, Mr Sundon, Dark Secret, Taimate Angus.

RACE 10: NEWSY, Arma Einstein, Captains Beachbabe, Bettor Beach Belle.

BEST BET: Newsy. DOUBLE: Our Alfie Romeo.




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