Ernie Manning’s Gloucester Park Selections


Friday 31st May 2019

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: MADAME MEILLAND, Crystal Sparkles, Mighty Flying Deal, Livura.

RACE 2: BECHERS BROOK, Breach The Beach, Dominate The Dojo, Veiled Secret.

RACE 3: TACT MAJOR, Vincenzo Peruggia, Golden State, Zennart.

RACE 4: CHICAGO BULL, King Of Swing, Maczaffair, Whozideawasthis.

RACE 5: DOUBLE EXPRESSO, Some Copper Beach, Askmeilltellya, Weewah.

RACE 6: SAYING GRACE, Speed Man, Major Pocket, Warfare.

RACE 7: CARTE BLANCHE, Quick Stride, Waimac Attack, Ideal One.

RACE 8: IDEAL LINER, Robb Stark, Carrera Mach, Our Rhythm N Blues.

RACE 9: LADY DE LA RENTA, Sarah Goody, Purest Silk, Infinite Symbol.

RACE 10: GEE JAY KAY, Know When To Run, The Kraken, Beside The Seaside.

RACE 11: SUN OF ANARCHY, Lord Liam, Sunnys Little Whiz, The Male Model.

BEST BET: Ideal Liner.

DOUBLE: Double Expresso.




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