Ernie Manning’s Gloucester Park Selections


Friday 30th August 2019

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: LONGREACH BAY, Princess Christiano, My Sweet Deal, Aristocratic Star.

RACE 2: ROCK ME OVER, Pierre Whitby, Minimum Wage, Hot Fraternity.

RACE 3: MAJOR POCKET, Mad Robber, Smoldering Ashes, Liam Neil.

RACE 4: SON OF A TIGER, Extreme Prince, The Arsonist, Spot The Shark.

RACE 5: INFINITE SYMBOL, Just Rockon Bye, Cott Beach, Catastrophic Event.

RACE 6: OUR CORELLI, Handsandwheels, King Of Swing, Thereugo.

RACE 7: THE BIRD DANCE, Robbie Easton, Highly Flammable, Bettor Be Oscar.

RACE 8: TWILIGHT SAGA, Atmospherical, Destined To Rule, Our Bobbydazzler.

RACE 9: CARTER MICHEAL, Speed Man, Wakinshaw, Ideal One.

RACE 10: MICHAEL JOSEPH, Waimac Attack, Roman Aviator, The Midas Touch.

BEST BET: Major Pocket.

DOUBLE: Our Corelli.




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