Ernie Manning’s Gloucester Park Selections


Friday 27th March 2020

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: BETTOR BE OSCAR, Kiwi Bloke, Bolta, Back In Twenty.

RACE 2: MACH DA VINCI, Crocodile Kid, Mister Bushido, Lord Rosco.

RACE 3: THE BIRD DANCE, American Brave, My Carbon Copy, Captain Mannering.

RACE 4: JUSTASEC, Mighty Santana, Jack William, You Gotta Have Faith.

RACE 5: SHOCKWAVE, Galactic Star, Ocean Ridge, As Happy As Larry.

RACE 6: OUR ALFIE ROMEO, Gotta Go Gabbana, Dracarys, Miss Sangrial.

RACE 7: TAROONA BROMAC, Kingslayer, Sergeant Oats, Dreamy Nights.

RACE 8: MR SUNDON, Princess Mila, Rock Tonight, Tenno Sho.

RACE 9: RUN FOR MERCY, Suing You, Soho Whisper, Star Of Diamonds.

RACE 10: HAMPTON BANNER, Copy N Pace, Be My Rock, Parmesan.

RACE 11: ADDA SOMETHING, Lavra Joe, Beat The Bank, Rich American.

BEST BET: Justasec.

DOUBLE: Hampton Banner.




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