Ernie Manning’s Gloucester Park Selections


Tuesday 21st May 2019

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: MAGICAL MYSTY, Askmeilltellya, Star In Art, Run For Mercy.

RACE 2: WEEWAH, Red Hot Courage, Moon Goddess, Star Of Diamonds.

RACE 3: SOME COPPER BEACH, Soho Major Player, Altas Angel, Rockin The Trend.

RACE 4: DOUBLE EXPRESSO, Soho Whisper, Remit Me Whitby, Missbillynotsilly.

RACE 5: ARMA OROURKE, Cut Above, Tims Portrait, Four Starzzz Forsa.

RACE 6: CRYSTAL SPARKLES, Razor Brogden, No More Change, Good Times Ahead.

RACE 7: ROBB STARK, RJ Bopper, Iam Lambros, Art Tutor.

RACE 8: OUR VIRTUOSO, Jilliby Jake, Kohli, Jiving Jolt.

RACE 9: ALEX POLLIZZI, Miss Vung Tau, Arose For Me, Selenes Silhouette.

RACE 10: IDEAL CHARM, Whitbys Gamble, Ella Gant Player, Rousey.

BEST BET: Ideal Charm.

DOUBLE: Double Expresso.




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