Ernie Manning’s Gloucester Park Selections


Friday 21st June 2019

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: ROBB STARK, Batavia On Fire, Whozwhointhezoo, Beltane.

RACE 2: SIMBA BROMAC, Speed Man, Saying Grace, Waimac Attack.

RACE 3: MIGHTY SANTANNA, Michael Joseph, Mister Bushido, Marquisard.

RACE 4: THEO AVIATOR, Gee Jay Kay, Shockwave, Know When To Run.

RACE 5: HERRICK ROOSEVELT, Zennart, King Of Swing, My Hard Copy.

RACE 6: MANDY JOAN, Typhoon Tiff, Delightfulreaction, My Prayer.

RACE 7: LA SULEIMAN, The Kraken, Our Virtuoso, Gold Horseshoe.

RACE 8: ARMA VEYRON, Georgie Mae, Caruba. Rollsoffthetongue.

RACE 9: MACZAFFAIR, The War Nurse, Lady De La Renta, Come Dance With Me.

RACE 10: SPACE JUNK, Smoldering Ashes. Lincs Tiger, Cut Above.

RACE 11: MAGICAL MYSTY, Fifty Five Reborn, Star In Art, Advance Your Dream.

RACE 12: ARISTOCRATIC STAR, The Stars Above, Keptain Courageous, Medieval Man.

BEST BET: Magical Mysty.

DOUBLE: Aristocratic Star.




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