Ernie Manning’s Gloucester Park Selections


Friday 19th June 2020

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: CARTER MICHEAL, Back In Twenty, Bracken Sky, Marquisard.

RACE 2: CYCLONE BANNER, Gee Jay Kay, Our Rhythm N Blues, Henwood Bay.

RACE 3: INFATUATION, Master Publisher, Walsh, Heza Head Honcho.

RACE 4: ROBBIE EASTON, Ultimate Offer, Tuas Delight, Mr Kiwi.

RACE 5: DOUBLE EXPRESSO, Alta Cinderella, Star Fromthepalace, Intheskyrocket.

RACE 6: POISEDTOPOUNCE, Gardys Legacy, Longreach Bay, Add Pocket Rinse.

RACE 7: WHILE THEY PRAY, Bettor Be Oscar, Jimmy Mack, Bletchley Park.

RACE 8: TYPHOON TIFF, Just Rockon Bye, Queen Shenandoah, Delightfulreaction.

RACE 9: CHICAGO BULL, Our Jimmy Johnstone, Ocean Ridge, Mighty Santana.

RACE 10: ROBBIE ROCKET, Powerplay, Troopingthecolor, Star Of Willoughby.

RACE 11: BLACK JACK BABY, Star Of The Bay, Our Shooting Star, Follow My Stride.

BEST BET: Black Jack Baby.

DOUBLE: Typhoon Tiff.




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