Ernie Manning’s Gloucester Park Selections


Friday 17th January 2020

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: DRACARYS, Fake News, Bob Wheel, James Butt.

RACE 2: OCEAN RIDGE, Crocodile Kid, Iceenothink, Athabascan.

RACE 3: BRAEVIEW BONDI, The Dali Express, Mon Lillies, Mighty Santana.

RACE 4: CULPEKA, Highly Flammable, Valbonne, Dennis.

RACE 5: IDEAL LINER, Herrick Roosevelt, Im Full Of Excuses, Gotta Go Gabbana.

RACE 6: CAVIAR STAR, Galactic Star, Bill Haley, Vampiro.

RACE 7: AMERICAN TOUR, Dancing With Mach, Salacious Gossip, Tajie Baby.

RACE 8: JIMMY MACK, Perlee Gates, Burning Shadows, Carramar Philemon.

RACE 9: JOE WITH THE FLOW, Courage Tells, Major Spoilt, Dontstopbelievin.

RACE 10: THEO AVIATOR, As Happy As Larry, Anime, You Gotta Have Faith.

RACE 11: OUR RHYTHM N BLUES, Pierre Whibty, Machlani, Damondo.

BEST BET: Joe With The Flow.

DOUBLE: Culpeka.




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