Ernie Manning’s Gloucester Park Selections


Friday 16th August 2019

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: KING OF SWING, Tuas Delight, Speed Man, Mad Robber.

RACE 2: MAJOR POCKET, Smoldering Ashes. Carter Micheal, Shes Turbo Charged.

RACE 3: WHOSWHOINTHEZOO, Pradas Ideal Dahling, Anime, Joe With The Flow.

RACE 4: OUR CORELLI, The Bucket List, Vampiro, El Jacko.

RACE 5: AMELIAS COURAGE, She Could Be Good, Crystal Sparkles, Delightful Mandy.

RACE 6: ROCK ME OVER, Bad Round, Dominate The Dojo, Waimac Attack.

RACE 7: CONVERT DENARIO, Infinite Symbol, Bettor Reward, Bechers Brook.

RACE 8: ELOQUENT MACH, Atmospherical, One Off Delight, Sarah Goody.

RACE 9: WILDWEST, Highly Flammable, Beaudiene Western, Unwritten Rule.

RACE 10: MARCOTTI, Artistocratic Star, Remit Me Whitby, Pocket The Cash.

BEST BET: Wildwest.

DOUBLE: Eloquent Mach.




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