Ernie Manning’s Gloucester Park Selections


Friday 15th March 2019

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: LIVURA, Kimani, Smoldering Ashes, Neighlor.

RACE 2: ONA HAPPY NOTE, Mighty Flying Deal, Mister Versace, As Happy As Larry.

RACE 3: MAJOR TROJAN, Bletchley Park, Typhoon Tiff, Sangue Reale.

RACE 4: VULTAN TIN, Herrick Roosevelt, Mitch Maguire, Itz Bettor To Win.

RACE 5: HANDSANDWHEELS, Hasani, Vincenzo Peruggia, Runaway Three.

RACE 6: PATRICKTHEPIRANHA, Shockwave, Its Rock And Roll, Babyface Adda.

RACE 7: HAS NO FEAR, Soho Interceptor, My Prayer, Faiselle.

RACE 8: OUR ALFIE ROMEO, Miss Sangrial, Halle Rage, Lady De La Renta.

RACE 9: WAIMAC ATTACK, Mister Bushido, Kaptain Kenny, Im Batman.

RACE 10: WALTINGWITHSIERRA, Destined To Rule, Liberty Rose, Athmospherical.

BEST BET: Has No Fear.

DOUBLE: Waimac Attack.




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