Ernie Manning’s Gloucester Park Selections


Friday 10th January 2020

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: MY CARBON COPY, Its Rock And Roll, Grinny Vinnie, La Suleiman.

RACE 2: QUICK STRIDE, Jack William, Our Rhythm N Blues, Dennis.

RACE 3: GEE JAY KAY, As Happy As Larry, Son Of A Tiger, Back To The Beach.

RACE 4: JIMMY MACK, Convert Denario, Hy Leexciting, Golden State.

RACE 5: SHOCKWAVE, Bill Haley, Galactic Star, Caviar Star.

RACE 6: CROCODILE KID, Mon Lillies, Black Jack Zac, Anime.

RACE 7: BRAEVIEW BONDI, Valbonne, Maras Ace Man, Whoswhointhezoo.

RACE 8: PICK MY POCKET, American Tour, Has No Fear, Salacious Gossip.

RACE 9: OUR ALFIE ROMEO, Fake News, Miss Sangrial, Gotta Go Gabbana.

RACE 10: TIFFANY ROSE, Double Expresso, Advance Your Dream, Suing You.

RACE 11: ROCK ME OVER, Mister Ardee, Bhagwan, Reacher.

BEST BET: Braeview Bondi.

DOUBLE: Crocodile Kid.




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