Ernie Manning’s Gloucester Park Selections


Friday 8th February 2019

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: BETTOR NOT BITTER, Back To The Beach, Courage Tells, Touch Of Success.

RACE 2: COME DANCE WITH ME, Frostyflyer, Bettor Finish, Leftrightgoodnight.

RACE 3: CAVIAR STAR, Kerrin Joseph, Robert The Bruce, Bettor Be Lively.

RACE 4: CHOK CHAI, James Butt, Lord Willoughby, As Happy As Larry.

RACE 5: VULTAN TIN, El Jacko, Mitch Maguire, Handsandwheels.

RACE 6: TYPHOON TIFF, Arma Indie, Starlight Destiny, Mandy Joan.

RACE 7: BENHOPE RULZ, Naval Aviator, Talktomeurmattjesty, Ona Happy Note.

RACE 8: OUR MAJOR MAMA, Beaudiene Beach Babe, Veiled Secret, Miss Sangrial.

RACE 9: FRANCO EDWARD, Sweet N Fast, Anime, Mister Bushido.

RACE 10: OUR RHYTHM N BLUES, Innocent Affair, Atmospherical, Vrai Amour.

BEST BET: Franco Edward.

DOUBLE: Typhoon Tiff.




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