Ernie Manning’s Gloucester Park Selections


Friday 6th September 2019

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: SEA ME SMILE, Hit It Rich, Delightfulreaction, She Could Be Good.

RACE 2: THE TRILOGY, Vincenzo Peruggia, Smoldering Ashes, Neighlor.

RACE 3: WAIMAC ATTACK, Major Pocket, Son Of A Tiger, Crystal Sparkles.

RACE 4: EXTREME PRINCE, Lightning Jolt, Carrera Mach, Pradas Ideal Dahling.

RACE 5: OUR CORELLI, Vampiro, Handsandwheels, King Of Swing.

RACE 6: BELTANE, Pierre Whitby, Change Of Address, Impressive Signs.

RACE 7: BEE SEVENTEEN, Atmospherical, Always On, The Arsonist.

RACE 8: MICHAEL JOSEPH, Four Starzzz Forsa, Saleahs Comand, Tuas Delight.

RACE 9: MAD ROBBER, El Hombre, Carter Micheal, Ideal One.

RACE 10: LIFES DELIGHT, The Male Model, Ton Tine, Spud.

BEST BET: Our Corelli.

DOUBLE: Mad Robber.




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