Ernie Manning’s Gloucester Park Selections


Friday 5th April 2019

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: IM SOXY, Back To The Beach, Ohoka Darcy, Oneonthewood.

RACE 2: LUIS ALBERTO, Campora, Sweet N Fast, Lady De La Renta.

RACE 3: HASANI, Smoldering Ashes, Forever Remembered, Livura.

RACE 4: MISS SANGRIAL, Our Major Mama, Rosies Ideal, Beach Goddess.

RACE 5: MAJOR TROJAN, Franco Edward, Eloquent Mach, Bletchley Park.

RACE 6: LIBERTY ROSE, Liam Neil, Ace Bromac, Tuas Delight.

RACE 7: DRACARYS, Majorpride, Delightfulreaction, La Roue De Lamour.

RACE 8: HANDSANDWHEELS, Whozideawasthis, The Bucket List, V ultan Tin.

RACE 9: HERRICK ROOSEVELT, Vincenzo Peruggia, Lord Willoughby, Tact Major.

RACE 10: OUR CORELLI, Cut Above, Vrai Amour, Rocknroll Baby.

BEST BET: Dracarys.

DOUBLE: Handsandwheels.




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