Ernie Manning’s Esperance Selections


Friday 14th January 2022

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: FLYING ARABIAN, Lost Smile, The True King, Witch’s Cauldron.

RACE 2: DOUBLE SPICE, Sauvegarde, Neurologic, City Ransome.

RACE 3: BIG FISH, Special Deal, Rip And Snip, Louisiana Rock.

RACE 4: ALCINA, Balladeer, Gillespie, Another Demon.

RACE 5: SPIRIT OF PROPHECY, Tumivet, Leading Man, Lincoln’s Law.

RACE 6: WATTO’S REWARD, Wheatstack Thief, Amelia’s Picante, The Cat Ratcher.

RACE 7: CENSURE, Kenny The King, Just Striking, Aboard.

RACE 8: WARZACHANTZ, Fair Justice, Eurogem, Galahs Do Roar.

BEST BET: Warzachantz.

DOUBLE: Double Spice.




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