Ernie Manning’s Esperance Selections


Friday 8th February 2019

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: DANCE WEST, Under The Sombrero, All Man, Deno’s Dynamite.

RACE 2: BADGE OF COURAGE, Another Demon, Penalty Point, Bells Tower.

RACE 3: KING FOR LIFE, Jack’s Frost, Whisperit, Lollipop Lane.

RACE 4: NAZARETH, Yindi, Bartrader, Cloak And Dagger.

RACE 5: FREECELL, Planet Fever, Watto’s Fury, Shirasca.

RACE 6: SOUTHERN WARRIOR, Prince Hal, Stratum Pass, Prozone.

RACE 7: HUMANITY, Dance Mindy Dance, Crown Choice, Makuru.

RACE 8: BARRY’S RABBIT, Grand Cadeau, Heaven’s Gate, Rare Selection.

BEST BET: Badge Of Courage.

DOUBLE: Freecell.




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