Ernie Manning’s Collie Harness Selections


Sunday 25th February 2018

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: BAILEY MAJOR, Lauras Shadow, Lightning Colt, Empty The Till.

RACE 2: COMBAT CRUSADE, The Midas Touch, Excuse Me Sir, Ignite The Passion.

RACE 3: UNDERCOVER ART, Real Love, Classical Stream, Classic Air.

RACE 4: FLYING PHOEBE, Spock The Space Man, Magical Mitch, Phar From Kalahari.

RACE 5: RUM DELIGHT, Trison, Telham Lane, Hillbilly Time.

RACE 6: OUR BOBBYDAZZLER, Happy As, Kaydee Stratton, Daddyslilprincess.

RACE 7: EYES ON THE MONEY, Hoiho, The Royal Lady, Tella.

RACE 8: NINA JANE 1, Right Hand, Navy Blues, Snowball McKenzie.

BEST BET: Our Bobbydazzler.

DOUBLE: Bailey Major.




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