Ernie Manning’s Bunbury Harness Selections


Saturday 27th June 2020

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: HEART WARMING, Allwood Wizard, Oh No No Yeo, Shellna.

RACE 2: LIL DELIGHT, Burghley Boy, Soho Gigolo, Follow My Stride.

RACE 3: BORONOIA GULLY, Pamy June, Rollsoffthetongue, Get Ready To Rock.

RACE 4: DONEGAL ART, Pocket The Cash, Gold Horseshoe, Red Hot Lady.

RACE 5: POISEDTOPOUNCE, Rockinthebox, Our Bobbydazzler, Over Armed.

RACE 6: PARMESAN, Dancing With Mach, Catastrophic Event, Budd Sidewinder.

RACE 7: MANIFESTLY EXCESIV, Lord Rosco, The Righteous, Ourboybart.

RACE 8: MISS EERIE,  Rockin The Trend, Sweetdream Trunkey, Faraway Eyes.

RACE 9: JAXON JONES, Bayardo, Our Bells And Whistles, Well And Truly.

BEST BET: Poisedtopounce.

DOUBLE: Jaxon Jones.




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