Ernie Manning’s Bunbury Harness Selections


Friday 22nd May 2020

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: CLASSIC CHOICE, Im Riddler, Tux And Tails, Auckland Jet.

RACE 2: THE EMBEZZLER, Elsu You, Batavia Silverline, Rather Sentimental.

RACE 3: POCKET THE CASH, Longreach Bay, Get Ready To Rock, Our Surrogate.

RACE 4: STOP THE WATCH, Im Spiderman, Nuclear Poker, Follow The Dragon.

RACE 5: FOR HONOURANDGLORY, My Master Of Disguise, One For Dave Andme, Smart Fortune.

RACE 6: DANCING WITH MACH, Our Burling, Euphoric Moment, Henwood Bay.

RACE 7: MISS EERIE, Cynthia Mae, Our Star Carly, Trickin.

RACE 8: BORONIA GULLY, Sixth Edition, Our Caribbeancruise, Sweet Sassymolassy.

BEST BET: For Honourandglory.

DOUBLE: Miss Eerie.




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