Ernie Manning’s Bunbury Harness Selections


Friday 12th April 2019

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: KATA NOI BEACH, Front Row, Newsletter, Liaurie.

RACE 2: ORPHAN REACTOR, Alex Pollizzi, Jiving Jolt, Diamond Dove.

RACE 3: WAR CLUB, Fight Song, Gingers Jet, Marilyn Said.

RACE 4: MEGA MOOLAH, Oddball, Star Boss, Ignite Passion.

RACE 5: JIMMY RECARD, Machrie, Santanna Cruiser, Nitro Lad.

RACE 6: ALFS ODYSSEY, Oneforthediggers, Happy As, Call Me Ernie.

RACE 7: GREAT GOOGLYMOOGLY, Aussie Made Kiwi, The Big Secret, Devils Courage.

RACE 8: SHEZA SPOILT MISS, All The Bells, For Honourandglory, Rocking With Donna.

BEST BET: Mega Moolah.

DOUBLE: Sheza Spoilt Miss.




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