Ernie Manning’s Bunbury Harness Selections


Saturday 8th August 2020

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: GALACTIC LIONESS, Nanci Rose, Beejays Star, Miss Serena.

RACE 2: ROCKIN JETSTAR, Ainsworth, Out Of Rhythm, Tommy Kruze.

RACE 3: KIRSTEN, Stellar Bella, Madam Of Mischief, Boronia Gully.

RACE 4: PALATINO, Gold Horseshoe, Batavia Blackhole, McKinley.

RACE 5: BAYARDO, Pocket The Cash, Soho Whisper, Ginger Jet.

RACE 6: THE PARTY BOY, Spock The Spaceman, Over Armed, Miss Camouflage.

RACE 7: SOHO MAJOR PLAYER, Stop The Watch, Happy As, Organised Chaos.

BEST BET: Soho Major Player.

DOUBLE: Rockin Jetstar.




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