Ernie Manning’s Bunbury Harness Selections


Friday 7th December 2018

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: WATCH ME REACT, Machlani, Raging Romeo, Adda Rockinheaven.

RACE 2: SHEZLIKATERROR, Muffins, Alex Pollizzi, Minikita.

RACE 3: MAJOR BEACHBOY, Sammys Ideal, Ignite The Passion, Chers Magic Jet.

RACE 4: IM ENTITLED, Let It Roll, Natural Temptation, Spock The Spaceman.

RACE 5: CAPTAIN MANNERING, Rocknroll Whitby, Roman Reign, Our Bobbydazzler.

RACE 6: MIDNIGHT MAN, Budd Sidewinder, Jimmy Recard, McKinley.

RACE 7: BEAUDIENE BEACH BABE, Rum Delight, Pradas Ideal Dahling, Go Home Jo.

RACE 8: CAMILLA, Aussie Made Kiwi, Sono Abruzzese, Summer Moon.

BEST BET: Beaudiene Beach Babe.

DOUBLE: Captain Mannering.




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