Ernie Manning’s Belmont Selections


Saturday 23rd May 2020

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: HIP WIGGLE, I Hope You Dance, Kazkazi, Domineer.

RACE 2: CHARLETON EDDIE, Miss Ivy League, Crown Of Flowers, Dad’s Big Headed.

RACE 3: RESORTMAN, Fuhrer, Irritable Rodnee, Baby Blues.

RACE 4: UTGARD LOKI, Noir De Rue,  Freez’emoff, Red Army.

RACE 5: PETTICOAT JUNCTION, Picture Perfect, Vintage Stock, Western King.

RACE 6: SHOWMANSHIP, Platinum Bullet, Altani, Sir Mambo.

RACE 7: MASSIMO, Black Ducati, Moschard, Pinsson.

RACE 8: POWER OF ST GEORGE, Hot Style, Proconsent, Pastry.

RACE 9: BRITISH BESSY, Sentimental Friend, Grey Enigma, Resistance.

BEST BET: Utgard Loki.

DOUBLE: Power Of St George.




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