Ernie Manning’s Ascot Selections


Saturday 13th April 2019

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: PRETTY STYLE, Annihilator, High Range, Instant Hit.

RACE 2: MEGAZONE, Alluring, Crypto, Boyagin.

RACE 3: GEIGER GEM, Superior Smile, New Age, Universal Mae.

RACE 4: ARCTIC STREAM, Friaresque, Touch of Silver, Like A Butterfly.

RACE 5: CUP NIGHT, Rebel Knight, Final Hearing, Shuwish.

RACE 6: SUMMER’S SKYE, Magical Charm, Twentythree Red, High Tea.

RACE 7: SPECIAL REWARD, Diablerie, Just Act Natural, Debellatio.

RACE 8: REGAL POWER, Platoon, Dark Choice, Mckenzie Brook.

RACE 9: DON’T FUSS, Double Bubble, Plutocracy, Time To Trade.

BEST BET: Pretty Style.

DOUBLE: Cup Night.




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