Ernie Manning’s Ascot Selections


Saturday 9th November 2019

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: TOO SPICY, Our Danni, Commendation, Choix De Lace.

RACE 2: HARRY THOMAS, Forceful, Midnight Sky, Red Publisher.

RACE 3: WESTERN TEMPLE, Abdicator, Wrinkly, Special Delivery.

RACE 4: MASSIMO, Drinkwhatyoulike, Silkinize, Pretty Style.

RACE 5: BEAUTIFUL MIND, Metro Boy, McEdith, Rebel Yell.

RACE 6: FORGOTTEN STAR, Sophie’s Song, Smarty, Baramagic.

RACE 7: JERICHO MISSILE, Dig Deep, Bogart, Power And Passion.

RACE 8: THE VELVET KING, Achernar Star, Gatting, Arcadia Prince.

RACE 9: UNI TIME, Black Sabbath, Dance Music, Baron Bostock.

BEST BET: Western Temple.

DOUBLE: Beautiful Mind.




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