Ernie Manning’s Albany Selections


Friday 26th November 2021

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: AYASHA, Oxbridge, Morgs Freeman, Catchya Catchya.

RACE 2: SHAKE BABY SHAKE, Can’t Get Enough, Millivoy, The Revenge.

RACE 3: MOUNTAIN ASH, Pro Is Here, Henry The Navigator, Aramat.

RACE 4: REAL PASSION, Talented Escape, O’so Tempting, Scream In Blue.

RACE 5: PASAJERO, Tampering Falls, Classic Magnus, Ibiza.

RACE 6: LACEVINSKY, Nurhaci, Dark Assault, Sir Snugalot.

RACE 7: WORTH A RISK, Sun Chacen, Schoolwork, Chasing Chaos.

RACE 8: MR CAUSEWAY, Friar The Gun, Rightful Heir, Medellin.

BEST BET: Worth A Risk.

DOUBLE: Mountain Ash.




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