Ernie Manning’s Albany Harness Selections


Friday December 28 2018

Ernie Manning selects:

RACE 1: MINIMUM WAGE, Elect The Starzzz, Star Of Bethany, Paris Sixtyeight.

RACE 2: WALSH, Camilla, Decimas Whitby, Penola Girl.

RACE 3: HARRY GOODMATE, Avivo, Semiramide, Alldollarsnosense.

RACE 4: PRADAS IDEAL DAHLING, All Over Tan, Just Like Art, Gunna Get Lucky.

RACE 5: SMOLDERING ASHES, Dredlock Rockstar, Disco Under Fire, Scoobys Delight.

RACE 6: COME DANCE WITH ME, Wimbaliri, Estocada, Jasper Casper.

RACE 7: NORTHERN ORATOR, Millwood Gucci, Savanna, Allwoods Rocknroll.

RACE 8: DELIGHTFUL MANDY, Bettor Be Oscar, Kirsten, Flying Seelster.

RACE 9: DELIGHTFULREACTION, Jesse Allwood, Grapellies Boy, Adda Tarantella.

BEST BET: Delightfulreaction. DOUBLE: Delightful Mandy.




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