Ernie Manning Pinjarra Harness Selections


Monday September 10 2018

Ernie Manning selects

RACE 1: MAJOR ARTIST, Sangue Reale, Sports Central, Theo Aviator.

RACE 2: BEE SEVENTEEN, Girlfromdandalup, Allwood Glow, Salacious Gossip.

RACE 3: OHOKA DAMO, Anna Faye, Tepelo Star, Swingin Elsu.

RACE 4: FIRSTJOY, Bettorgrinanbarit, Real Love, Leeseme Lifestyle.

RACE 5: BRIGHT DIAMOND, No Wow Factor, Armbro Bliss, Sir Briggen.

RACE 6: MY MASTER OF DISGUISE, Kingsman, Danny De Vito, Captain Mannering.

RACE 7: MAJOR POCKET, Saleahs Comand, Kasey John, All The Whispers.

RACE 8: IM FULL OF EXCUSES, Jason Rulz, Itsbeenforever, Trust My Judgement.

BEST BET: Bright Diamond. DOUBLE: Major Pocket.




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